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You guys are an ok bunch

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I've visited this site for a couple of months, everyone seems pretty cool. Hopefully I'll get my junk better equipped to match everyone elses rigs so I can go wheeling with you guys in the area.
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Why do you hope for he or she'll get his or her junk better equipped to match everyone elses rigs so he or she can go wheeling with you guys in the area
Welcome to the site. :thumb:
yeah, i'll echo zach!
don't worry about having a "built" rig to go wheeling, at least with the snake river club... be like me and mooch a ride off Eric! lol...
Seriously, don't be afraid to take your stock rig out... you'll definately still have a blast!
Welcome to the site. :thumb:

Dont worry about taking your stuff out. Its all good. :mrgreen:

Welcome to the forum.. :firedevi:
actually its an 82 chevy shortbox with an 8 inch lift and 37 inch swampers. Its been 3/4 ton for about a year and a half know. I'll have to post some pictures sometime once I figure out how. :deal:
You can upload pics into the Photo Album. Each registered user gets thier own section. Then you can link the pics from the Album into a post.

Let me know if you have any questions on it. We want to see it. :thumb:

Junk this is the lime colored Chevy I met out at the D right? That thing is one of the cleanest rigs I have seen Besides that I love working on stuff when I can Feel free to give me a holler. I drive the blue blazer on 38s As far as club runs our club does have some pretty close to stock rigs out there so no worries about coming on our runs and Steep and Deep are all cool guys too. :rotfl: :rotfl:
Yes thats my lime green booger colored truck. I'd post some pics but I'm an idiot with a computer. I've read through the directions but all I see is blah blah blah. I'll figure it out though.
Welcome to the addiction... err forum... :thumb:
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