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Yearly tech inspection/monthly meeting

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This Saturday the 1st of May at 10:00am, we will be conducting our annual Tech Inspection / BBQ / Business Meeting. Do not go to Round Table Pizza on Tuesday, WE WILL NOT BE THERE. The location of this event will be the Orius Das-Co lot, 411 E Karcher Rd in Nampa. This event will be a Members / Prospects ONLY event! Spectators are welcome but will not be allowed to participate for liability reasons. Kevin will have the RTI ramp out and only Members and Prospects that have been inspected will be allowed on the ramp. There will be a BBQ with Hamburgers and Hotdogs courtesy of the club. Everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish to share and whatever you want to drink as long as it's non-alcoholic. We will have everyone fill out the Member Profile form that we talked about a few months ago, and that form will be used to inspect you vehicle. If anyone has any questions about the requirements or what we are going to inspect, please contact one of the officers or refer to the High Desert Off-Road By-laws on the website.

Remember, the Orius Das-Co lot is Monty and Jason's place of employment and the owners have been kind enough to let us use it for our club function. Please respect the grounds and help us ensure that we will be able to use this lot for years to come. We will have Monty or Jason give a little talk regarding what is and isn't acceptable behavior at this location.

Finally I'd like to remind you that just because your vehicle has been inspected, you've been up the ramp and you've had some food, doesn't mean that you are done. We need to stick around until the lot is in the same condition as we found it. Please stay and help clean-up.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact one of the officers.
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Can this web wheeler come?

i won't have a vehicle to inspect or flex but I wann test the waters and see what will be checked to make the willy's kosher.
You can come and check it out. I would be good to finally meet you. Call if you need directions.
K, I'll call ya. I'm 100% sure i don't know where I'm going.LOL
I atleast know where Nampa is.
I hit up the ol mapquest and it is about a 20-30 mintue drive, Piece of cake. I'll be driving out my Suburban. :thumb:
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