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worst pain ever

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Holy S**T i got Welder burned eyes thursday at work and this is the worst pain i have ever had, and i have been lifeflighted three times and broke my neck once, know what pain is and damm this hurts...
my eyes feel like :firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi:
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I have been there.
that hurt's :oops:
that'll teach ya :finger:

good luck, stay out of the sun and keep em closed as much as possible.

(but i am sure you know these things!

:banghead: hang in there
the trick when you burn your eyes to keep them from feeling like there's sand in them is, DON"T rub them!!!!! :deal:

On the old rock crusher I used to have weld the rolls with the automatic welder........if you even glanced in the direction of the arc with out your hood on from 10 feet away it would burn your eyes BAD, doing it at night was worse......just remember don't rub 'em, and at least they won't feel like there's a huge rock in them :thumb:
Old time trick for welder burn in eyes-

Take a potato, slice into 3/16" thick slices, soak in a bowl of ice water to get real cold. Lay head back or lay down with a slice over each eye. Won't cure anything, but does help with pain.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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