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Woe is me

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Hey AJ is it bad when you can hear your automatic tranny over the noise of your engine and swampers at highway speed? :banghead: :banghead:
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holy shit, yes that's bad!
If I was you, I'd hurry up on finding that donor caseand 4wd output shaft and get the rebuild kit and park that thing before you tear the internals up beyond reuse...
Sorry to hear about that, dude... :(
What about when your turning 6500 rpm in first gear? :rotfl:

I dont know why my cam went flat. :?
the Zuk must have put the hex on the blazer. It is pissed off you have given it no loven. :finger:
lol... yeah, that's it!
give that zuk some of your big boy lovin and everything will be back to hunky-dory... :roll: :roll:
:finger: :finger: :finger:
The zuks gettin some lovin soon getting all the parts I need to fix it. Also I may have found a TH400 and 205 for cheap so hopefully I will soon be back to two 4x4s :rotfl: :rotfl:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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