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Ok everyone,
Make sure to make a quick 2 minute phone call to their office & let them know how we feel about CIEDRA (Boulder White Clouds). Also tell all of your friends & family members to call too. You know what they say "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well lets be the squeaky wheel.
Thanks for your support!
Sabrina :eek:)


Your help is needed again and I promise this is the last time this year you
will be asked. (at least on this issue)

Congress is headed into the last few days of their session starting on
December 5th. It may or may not last through the 15th of the month.
However, we know that their is an ongoing effort to pass the Boulder White
Cloud Wilderness Bill or as Congressman Simpson prefers to call it, the
Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act (CIEDRA). That
cannot happen unless Senator Craig allows the bill to move. The future of
this bill lies in the hands of Senator Larry Craig.

We believe that it is important that the Senator hear one more time that
CIEDRA is neither wanted or needed from the people of Idaho. That means we
are asking you to either call or e-mail Senator Craig during the week of
November 27 through December 1. It matters not if you have called in the
past, one or 10 times, it just matters that you call or email him that
week. We want to be the last 'squeaky wheel' from whom he hears before he
goes back into session on the 5th and makes the decision about what to do
with CIEDRA.

It won't take long and it will make a difference. The message we would
like delivered is:

"CIEDRA is bill that cannot be fixed. Please oppose it." Give your
name and address and that's it.

Phone Number: 208.342.7985 and e-mail address:
[email protected].

We have worked this issue hard over the last few years and we are seriously
down to the wire. We can't stop now so please take the time and make one
more phone call or send one more e-mail message. Also, spread the word and
get as many people to participate as possible.

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called! Thanks for the heads up.
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