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which winch

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Does anyone really, really like the winch they have and would suggest it to me. Right know I'm just lookin. :(
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I really like da wench I gots now! Why just tha other day, we waz drivin around and come to a fencegate, and wit out me even hafin ta say anythin, she jus jumped out and opened da gate! and when I drove through, thar waz dis mud puddle thar, and I sorta hit tha gas when I went throu, and kinda got her all wet. Did she complain? Hell no! Altho, she did kinda burn ma dinner a bt when we got home, but I couldn't really tell anyhow... we waz havin blackened cajun catfish that she went out and cought hersself.. At least I tink it waz blackened catfish...
Anyhoo, I jus wanted to tell ya dat I really likes my wench, I tink everone should have one like mine. And no, ya caint have mine, she gots dishes to clean and a deer to skin and gut out....
:rotfl: :rotfl:
:beer: :beer:
I like my Warn 8000i but I seen the 8274's in action and they are impressive. Fast Line speed and pulls like hell. I would like to get one for the front and stick my present one onto the back.

I think that the warn HS 9500 are great winches but the 8274 is a truly awesome winch. I have also seen the Milemarker hydralic winches and these things pull like there is no tommorow but the truck has to be running and the line speed is pretty slow so the winch has to do almost all the pulling because you will run over your winch line pretty quick. If you are not going to go any bigger with your truck I would seriously consider the 8274, It also carrys about 50' more wire than any other winch. :rotfl: :rotfl:
Thanks for the suggestions fellas, I would like the 8274 or the HS9500 but thats alot cash, I'm hopin that I will come across a used one sometime.
Try looking at the superwinch x9 from what I have seen this is a great winch for a good price I have had freinds who have had them and have seen one work in Moab pulling a jeep up a straight up climb pretty much didn't even. I think used electric winches are a crap shoot because you never know how many times the motor has been overheated. Every winch will keel over eventually but I like knowing what I am getting. Good luck on finding one :rotfl: :rotfl:
I just bought a mile marker 12K about a week ago brand new for 550. I only "tested" it once and it seemed to drag my truck across the street quite well. I'll give you a mud report after this weekend.

Does that mean that you won't need to call me at 4:00 in the morining to get you out of the mud??? :rotfl: :rotfl:
I think it does mean that. Interesting observation.
I'm interested in those milemarker electric winches but haven't ever seen one in action. I would probably only go for the 9000 pound model, they seem like a good deal but I'm afraid I would get what I paid for. Let us know how you like yours. :thumb:
If you get one order it form a guy here in meridian. he has kick ass prices.

Well if i do call somebody at 4:00 in the morning it will be monty because the winch didnt cut it. But hey with 2 12,000 pounders maybee it will come out.

Here is a few pics from last spring. I think we can give you a fair report come this spring..........

My rig

twistedjack's rig
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