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Which Welder?

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i just got my tax return back and would like to get a welder with the money. i would prefer a mig welder as i have heard that they are easier to learn to weld with. i'm willing to spend up to about $600 or $700 hundred. i would be using it to weld on body panels and tubing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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in that price range you should be able to get about a 140-175 amp machine with the gas bottle (C25) depending on brand. these welders should be able to weld what you mentioned with out problem, for hobby use a Hobart would be fine, but if you really want it to last get a Miller or Lincoln. :thumb:
those that Steve mentioned are great welders to have in the shop, but if you want true versatility, get a readywelder. go look at
for more specs and info. I can get these for about $400 each.
Check out

Pick up the Hobart 175 with a gas bottle....

You will be happy with it and it fits in your price!
what about the millermatic 175 mig welder? i know it is a little more than i said before but ive heard to just get the better one as you most people end up getting a bigger one later.
The Hobart has a lot of Miller parts. So that said there are a few diffrences in the features so check it to that one is infinate heat adjustment on the miller as the hobart has 4 heat settngs. I have the Hobart 175 have had it for 5 years the only probelm I had was with the spool tensioner. They fixed that now with the miller parts so they are almost the same IMO.
rudezuk, i didnt see any hobart 175 on the website. did you mean the 180?
Hobart might be made BY Miller, but they are not made LIKE a miller, I have both, and when you compare the two there is major differences in many areas, mostly the drive systems are not as good on the Hobart, and that is very important when welding tubing. The Hobart is a good Hobbiest welder :thumb:
That is all I was trying to say...........You always get what you pay for.
When I bought my plasma, I got a Thermal Dynamics from the Indiana Oxygen Company. I had it in three days, and paid almost $400 less than my business discount from Norco. I have only had one problem with it, mostly user error, but Norco is the service center, so I took it there, and they warrantied it.

I am now in the same boat as you, looking for a good entry level welder, and I looked at the Miller from IOC and from Norco, at the time, I could get a the welder,cart, and bottle for cheaper than Norco wanted for just the welder. You might check them out!

finally decided on this one from norco


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Now i can spend this weekend learning to weld with it
those carts are made by a local guy that I know, that is one of his "earlier" models, so congrats :thumb:
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