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which lift kit?????

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I have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD crew cab......I want a 6" lift kit. Every shop i call tells me that all the kits available suck except 1. the only problem is they are all talking about a different kit..... Which kit do you non bias folks recomend?
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I think that more or less they are all OK. The difference is how much cutting and modifying you have to do up front to get them to work. Ussually, the cheaper the kit, the more torch work you get to do. I think Pro-Comp is a good brand.

thanks for the reply. Pro comp or fabtech is the 1 I'm leaning twords. however the trailmaster kit is by far the cheapest. But the only guy that says trailmaster is any good is the guy who sells it.
Trailmaster is cheap but I believe that it is one of the worst for cutting and torching. They also have a terrible warrenty response. I have heard of horror stories where it can take months to get parts and stuff. Most likely you wouldnt have any troubles but I guess you pay for what you get. :mrgreen:

the more reasearch I do, I'm really leaning twords the procomp system. Anybody have that setup?
A guy I knows has the Fabtech 6" lift on a 1500 and is a very well put together truck....

His truck was bought from a dealership that sells WARRANTEED BRAND NEW LIFTED TRUCKS the only use fabtech.... that tells me something.... if a dealership will warrantee this lift... hmmmmmm
That must be something! The dealors around here wont even think about something like that.

I would use the fabtech kit I have seen a couple of the HD with lifts and I think the fabtech was the most heavy duty. Although you might want to check rear spring rates if you are getting the replacement springs I heard the fabtechs were a little soft. :rotfl:
GateCity4x4 said:
That must be something! The dealors around here wont even think about something like that.
I will get a pic of his truck for you.... it's SWEET!!! EVERYTHING was done by the dealer BEFORE he picked it up....
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