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Wheeling up Knox Canyon

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Well Shasharep and I went on a little excursion yesturday. We found a new trail to build and then we went on a little road off threw the trees. Here are some pics of SHAW not posing on my lawn. :finger: :firedevi:

And here is me posing

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I think I'm going though withdrawl. :banghead:

That looks like a good time. Haw does that new trail look?

Matt the trail that we are going to make is on private property. We are going to make for sure on that. If it is on BLM it is wide open for us over on that side. It will follow up a spring time wash. It has a series of rock out croppings and ledges. It won't be extreme in comparison to Moab but will be pretty damn fun for this area. We are going to get a few pf us and go move some junipers out of the way. :mrgreen: We may make it a overnight trail building trip. Like I said though we will make sure it is legit first...
Sweet! I wont be able to go untill next spring. :angryfir:

Maybe spring runoff will make it real nasty. :thumb:

:thumb: sounds like a plan man... :firedevi:
Legit legit legit..... Family says ots ok to go up and build..BUT NO ONE goes if it is not a organized run and I need to let them know before hand... Otherwise we are all locked out and my family will be pissed... I really dont need that, ok..... THANKS SHAW
P.S. The new trail has a few spots that will catch a diff if you dont watch... HE HE HE
Its a deal. :deal: :thumb:

Yep only Steep N Deep members on organized runs.. This will keep it open for us to play on. :firedevi:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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