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Just dropping in to introduce myself. My names Mike. I'm Angels cousin, Franks wife. I have a 85 Toyota 350-350-205 Fullwidth D44 & 14bolt 4.56'w w/ detroits. Toy rear springs, 52" chevy's rear with a double shackle. Dovetail front and soon to be 4 linked rear.

I also have a 91 xtra cab with a exo. Building it as we speak. 4.3-350-dual 23 spline toy cases with 4.7 rear. 4link 1/4 ellips rear, toy rears front. right now it has 38" sx. Fullwith 44 & 14 4.10's with detroits

My bro rig is a 84 Runner with a 302-435-205 also fullwidth d44 & 14 bolt 5.13's and detroit's toy rears front, 63's rear with johnny joints hangers on 38" sx

I live down in vegas. But some day i'll head up to Idaho to do some wheeling. Here's some pics of the rigs.


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