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Whatever shall I do

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Okay guys heres the thing I wrecked our car tonight car is toast its a Metro for hells sake you hit anything and it is toast. My blazer is down as some of you know. I have a TH 350 in now with an NP 203. I also have a TH 400 that came with a 208 I would rather not use the 208 as it is a slip yoke etc. Will my 203 bolt up to the turbo 400 or do I need a different adaptor would it be easier to find a 205 and adaptor. I need to know all my options by the way I have a couple of 205s but they were all behind manual trannys. :rotfl: :banghead: :banghead:
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I believe the splin count is different between the TH400 and the TH350. The 203 has a female setup and the output shaft sits into the 203. Unlike the 205 which has the coupler.

It would be the easiest to trade the Th400 203 for a TH350 203 from the junkyard or something.

Also, I think the output shaft on a tranny for the 208 is a different length. You might be screwed for an easy solution. You might just throw the whole thing in for now so you can get back on the road.

The 350 has 27 splines and the 400 has 32 splines. I would find someone to trade the 400/208 combo to and get the 350 fixed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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