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What kind of fuel cell to get?

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Should I go plastic or AL? the plastic seems fine to me. I'm also thinking about that lower sump. I plan on mounting in the bed in front of the axle. the low sump would allow me to cut a small hole in the floor and hide the gas lines. Does anybody know any drawbacks to this? I plan on making an order this week.


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I ordered an aluminum RCI for my Jeep but that was more for space and design issues than a materials debate. If space wasn't an issue, I would have went with the poly. Aluminum looks really nice but it can crack. A puncture or leak in a poly cell is easily repaired, not so easy with the aluminum. T/fore, if you go alum., make sure and get one from a very reputable mfg. like RCI. Sump is a good idea for a 4x4. My aluminum doesn't have this so I went with Holley's multi-point pickup system so that no matter the angle, it won't starve for fuel. Most setups I've seen and researched that have a cell with a sump do route the sump through the floorpan like you've mentioned.
putting an aluminum cell in the blazer project next week, plan on building a cage around it and mounting with rubber bushings to prevent cracking from flex, I think for the price difference al is better as long as it can be mounted properly :thumb:
I have a summit brand plastic one. I love it so far. I have had zero problems with it sweating... :beer:
just get whichever one is $200...... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Thanks for the input guys.

I think I will go for a sump poly version with the GM sender in it. Maybe I can get luckey on Ebay. :mrgreen:

Hope this isn't too late for you. I used to run the poly style in the Dawg and it was exposed to the sun, water and mud (as I think yours will be. Through the years I began to worry about the exposure and the flexing around the fittings. I went with aluminum w/sump last year and like it a lot. I mounted it on some poly shock bushings. This last winter I replaced the flat plastic filler cap they come with, with an aluminum 4" neck to keep out all the water and mud when it is covered with mud at a race. One of the best little things I've done in a while. I still have the old plastic fuel cell laying around the shop.
Thanks for the input. I just bought one off of Ebay so I should be covered.


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