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went wheeling

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Hey all we went wheeling today actually a cleanup and wheeling out on the rocks LaVelle broke not bad just so he couldn't get out on his own his wife had to come and get him Jared and Kim were there also Jared outpowering me in an uphill race (no big surpise there) Fun was had by all and we filled a small sized pickup bed trailer with trash there is still tons more out there Hope to see more poeple on the next run :deal: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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Just a tcase mount samis have three rubber mounts and they tend to rip but he didn't have an extra also when it ripped it displaced the tcase enough to pull out the intermediate driveshaft(samis have divorced t-cases) so he lost most of his tranny fluid. We just pulled the t-case and the driveshafts so he could tow it home :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol...poor guy.. he shouldda taken the jeep!
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