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Where are the best shots of ShaSha rig taken?

  • BLT2KRL's front lawn

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  • Moab

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  • East Knox Canyon

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Went for little ride with Toyota boy

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well I went and rode shotgun with the Shaw man and Bart. It was fun and here are a couple pics.

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thumb firedevil was fun and here are a couple pics? Very interesting.
Well thanks for the poll JACKASS!!!!!!! Yes I am an ass clown but at least I admit it. And since we are on the topic of asses, I like ya Bart you can come play with us any time, I have a new respect for the 4 wheel drive gocart that you drive. And BLT2SITINTHEDRIVE, why does your post not contain anything about throwing window cleaners?????????
awww.... poor paul... lmao
lets hear "The Rest of the Story!"
:finger: I don't think you want a window cleaner coming out of my new 39.5's. :rotfl:
Where to start... We are sitting in the toy waiting for bart to show up and Paul announces that we can see almost all of the yuppies in Pocatello while sitting at Country Corner. No sooner than he said this a Maroon suburban pulls in to get gas.. The dude gets out a squeegie and starts to clean his window, and then freaks and throws the thing on the ground and breaks it. Then he grabs a second squeegie tries to finish his window and gets even more pissed off as Paul says a few choice things in his direction and slams the second one on the ground. Pays for his gas and storms off. This just goes to show that he was experiencing a mid life crisis or was really pissed about selling his wheeler in the past... Or he needs to get some.
why don't ya throw me. or I'll fuckin pick that up for ya pal. :banghead: :banghead: :firedevi: :firedevi: WHY ARE THERE SOME MANY ASS CLOWNS IN POCATELLO.
my sentiments exactly payge!
:deal: :deal: :deal:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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