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Welcome Toyota Owners and Admirers

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Welcome everyone. If you clicked here you must love Toyota's. Well me too. So write and we will chat.
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What's up?

Dude what's up? I see nine views and only two posts(including mine) there is definatly some scouting to do!!!!! :twisted:
Jimmy you poser :twisted: Whats up sucker? You ready for Moab? Check the Steep N Deep topic for the scheduled trails.
Hey Jimmy, your Steep and Deep website is wrong... it is .com not .html.... Just to let you know...

later 8)
Jimmy... Hows the oil field? Are you freezin your ass off yet? Whats next with your rig? I saw the pic with your truck flexed out in the background and I have one thing to say ..... SWEET :thumb:
Jimmy gets flexxy!!!

Well the oil field is sweet and the money is the best I've ever made. Pretty exciting too. I'll be going to Warland next for about 3 weeks but I did get Moab off so I'll see you down there. Later man.
Hi ya'll, new here so thought I'd say hey. I've got a Tundra, looking to build it up some. Any other tundra guys here?
Hey bigyota.....glad to have Ya :thumb: not too many toyota people here.......just the important ones. :thumb:
Hey Bigyota!!! Welcome to the site. As rokbrkr said, there aren't to many yota's on here, just the important ones!!! :thumb: Where are you at? You wheel your yota.. if so what mods you got on it!!!
whats up toyota lovers...

i have a 91 2wd single cab, gonna make it into a prerunner this summer. Putin on some long travel, fiberglass, regearing, 33's, etc.

check out for some pics
I use it mostly for towing my RX7 and gettin around town... but I get to 4by it some when I go hunting for hills to do R/C slope flying from... I'm in Eastern Boise. Mods I have in the works is an onboard air system, airbags, Headers (if I ever get the gumsion to put em in... damn Toyota and their stubbornness to not admit quality issues on the exhaust manifolds... all us Tundra/Sequoia guys have this issue). I really like my Yota tho... gets great mileage towin the car n rides nice. I would like to get an earlier 4Runner some day for true wheelin.
Hey guys.... Sounds like it should be pretty sweet PreRunner....

What do you do with your RX7 Bigyota? Do you auto-x it? If so have you ever came down to the Pocatello meet. I know a few guys in the Boise area that auto-x their ///M3's.... Sounds like a good time, but my wife won't let me take her bimmer to the track since it is here DD....
Yeah man I'm hardcore autox'r, did a full season last year now that the RX is running good.... I got an RX7 buddy in Pokey that autox's (red 3rd gen the newer style). You oughta bring the wife out with you, let her get to know what her car can and can't do, I'm gonna have my wife come out with her Saturn a time or two.
Yeah, I think I know who you are talking about here in Poky. He doesn't daily drive it, does he. If it is who I am thinking of, I have heard that he is pretty damn good too....
hey new to the site and i love toyotas. in fact this world would be a better place if toyotas were the only vehicle invented.
well heres mine allpro offroad 3" lift, teraflex revolver shackels, 4.56 gears ez locker front and rear, 4.7 t case gears, bobbed bed, custom rear bumper, custom cross over stearing, brand new cab (first on caught on fire) , absolutly no smog more ponies =Þ great old canyon county straight pipe exahust to cherry bomb, custom rock sliders 35" mtr's


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Welcome guys!!! Nice looking yotas you have there!!!
Ktoy said:
hey new to the site and i love toyotas. in fact this world would be a better place if toyotas were the only vehicle invented.
Hey man, you part of or heard of the TTORA crew down in Utah there. Great bunch of guys down there. I am a member of there chapter even though I live in Idaho. Don't get down there to wheel as much as I would like but do get to every know and then. If you are interested in the club let me know and I can get you some phone numbers of the guys to get in contact with or just check out there site...
i went to high school with kurt williams who is part of that group.

and i dont own a tacoma anymore so i have never registerd there to be honest.

but im part of and

ill check out the ttora for ya.
Yeah I know Kurt, have only met him a couple of times though. I went out with the wildyoats crew to Little Moab about 4 years ago, met some really cool guys, but can only remember one of thems names, Josh Hill, he has a mean 4-runner. But all the guys were really cool. I am also on RME, but don't do much writing, just alot of reading, and I thought your avatar looked familular... The TTORA thing isn't just Tacoma's anymore, it is all toyotas!!!!
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