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Weird Weather Here

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It snowed today, blew hard and then cleared up. Then there was some good thunder and some hail. Now its snowing real hard! :scared:

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Nothing cooler than lighting and snow :scared:
I thought it was a snowplow or tow truck light but then I heard the thunder that was wild. We had about 40mph winds out where I live too :scared:
It was wild. We ended up with about 8" total from this one. They say there is supposed to be another big one on Monday or something.

Gettin time for a snow run. :thumb:

Thats where I was when we were having the weather like that. Couldn't see anything further than about 15ft ahead couldn't find the road anymore at about 2:30 so we came home. Had to pull two poeple out on the way home :rotfl:
It was 70 some degrees here today! I was even able to wear shorts! :thumb:
Jonx4x4 said:
It was 70 some degrees here today!
Same here. :mrgreen:
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