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From Litlle Rich on Pirate....

Ok here is the speal, the final descision was made yesturday after a some more info came in.

Al of you know that this event site was moved several times, and it will be moved again. But to keep all that had plaine tickets in mind, we will be moving it to Vernal, UT.

The Story:

After teaming up with the SXOR guys and getting the boot in Boulevard, we descided to try Wendover, NV for the Final Round of the Western National Series. All connections and contracts were looking great, and we were even told at one time that we could go in there after about a two week spane of conversations. So We announced it to help the competitors plan for the event.

Soon after that we got a call saying that we couldn't use the property because the Nuggett had to use a different advertising firm and that the firm didn't have enough time to advertise for the event. It was supposed to be a 3 month process.

We came back with the idea of not using the Ad Firm and just using the property. They still said no. So we contacted the Chamber of Commerce in Wendover and it was told to us that the hotel didn't actually own the property anymore, it had been sold to another hotel.

Call the other hotel up and they said we can use the property for the date of Sept 23-25. So we stayed with our original plan of holding the comp in Wendover. The next day we got a call saying that we couldn't use the site due to the property contracts not clearing until Oct. 1st and that the event permission would lay on the Nuggett's hands. We knew their answer so we contacted a friend with very powerful connections to try and push this through.

We are still waiting for the news from him.

So When we first caught wind of the chance of not being able to use the event site, we decided to start the permit process with several other well known event arenas like Cedar City and Vernal.

After getting permission from both, we chose Vernal because airplaine tickets had already been bought for teams and staff members, all flying into Salt Lake City.

So W.E.ROCK Western National Finals will be held the same weekend, Sept. 23-25 in Vernal, Utah. As a designer, I can add some pretty cool twists to the event, and set up some great lines that hadn't been used before. Our advertising campain for this has restarted as of yesturday in Vernal and we expect a fairly large turnout.

Sorry for the bad news, we understand how hard it is to make last moment changes. Hang in there and hope to see you all at Vernal Sept. 23-25

Edit: The SXOR guys did a stand up job and tried as hard as they could with helping us out. We look forward to working with them more in the future.
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