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Wasted Weekend

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What a crudy weekend!

I had planned on getting my rig completely done for Moab this weekend and if it wasnt one thing it was another. While I was fighting a leaking steering box at the hydo hose tap point, the damn thing caught fire on me. So I put it out, change out the burnt battery cables, tap an entire new box, redo the cooling lines and cooler placement, bleed the system to get ride of a huge shutting down and then barfing all the fluid out problem, and get everything almost to back to the original starting point.

And now I have another steering box leak. :roll:

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I was wondering why you didn't call.
Sounds like a sweet weekend in the garage Matt. I really hope I don't have any experiences like that before I go. I have every year up to this year though....
I still have to weld up the stupid mounts and fix that last leak.

I pulled it out of the garage on Saturday cause the weather looked nice. I wish I had left it in now.

I think my test run is going to be in Utah. :?

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