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Warn's warranty dept is the king of customer service. Wish more companies would learn from them.

I run the Warn full float rear axle conversion and hubs in Ruby. In one year, I have toasted 3 pairs of thier hubs while flat towing. This last pair was an improved set with the set screw to keep the hubs from unlocking themselves. I over tightened the set screws and cocked the center pieces to one side, which the axleshafts took advantage of the thin aluminum and ground them to dust. The last episode was yesterday.
Got home, removed the hubs and figured out what happened. Called the manager of the warranty dept today, and emailed a pic to him. We talked a bit, he has seen that before. He asked if I wanted another set of hubs or drive flanges. Figured the flanges($280.00) would be the best option for me. Before I got off the phone with him, he gave me the tracking # for the flanges coming to me. And to date, I have not sent one dime to them for parts. This also included the new winch motor($300) they sent me.
This is how warranty service and customer service should be.
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