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V Blazer, Power Window Replacement (and I'm a newb)

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Nice looking forum, thought I'd join. Did a search here first, before asking.

Did a power window motor replacement in my SS, and did it without removing regulator, spring, or glass by drilling from the outside panel in and then the rivets.

Can you gurus tell me can this be done on my '89 Blazer ?

If so, where are the drill points located at ?

Got to do both my windows, they're moving really slowwwww.
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Good Question. When I get back into the USA in a few days I'll pull the panels off of mine and take a look.

BTW: Welcome to the board. :thumb:

So what is your answer? Where did you get it?
I'd be interested to know as well, I wanna convert my 89 over to power... :deal: :deal:
thanks sandman. good looking board, again. i'll get a pick of my blazer up soon as i can. still pull stumps with it. :thumb:
I looked at some of the power window doors I have at my house (right now thats 6 thanks to a freind :banghead: ) It looks like you could do that but the doors don't have many openings in them it looks like it might be hard to drill the rivets out. The newest of these doors I am looking at is 83 though the motors may have changed Also you should get an LMC catalog I don't order much through them but they have great exploded diagrams of several things. :rotfl: :rotfl:
Thanks for reply. Can you determine the location of the rivets ?

If so, then they can probably be drilled unless something is between them?

I'm sure I can take this three hour job and turn it into eight :razz:
I need to get those pics but it might be a few days. :banghead:

Man, if we can pull this off it's going to make it easy on a lot of us.

We could even take a photo of step by step replacement and post to technical section, if anyone's interested.

This type of replacement way better than having to fight the spring and regulator :banghead:
Cool, man. Do you think everyone will agree?
the internal door panels for the electric windows verses the manual windows are different. molded a bit different. The easiest we did it was scrpa the regulator motor and slide assembly. plasma cut out the steel on one door and patched to the other inside panel. I worked really fast. Only thing that was a pain was getting the window back in is all.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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