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News Release
U.S. Department of the Interior / Bureau of Land Management
Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation / 400 West F Street / Shoshone, Idaho 83352
08/10/2007 (208) 308-5991
Heather Tiel
(208) 736-2352
Public Invited to Review Twin Falls District BLM Rehabilitation Plans
TWIN FALLS, Id. – Twin Falls District BLM resource specialists will host an
informal public open house Wednesday, August 15 from 6 – 9 p.m. at the KMVT community
room to discuss rehabilitation plans for all of the fires that have occurred in the Twin Falls
District this summer. Representatives from the Farm Service Agency as well as the Natural
Resource Conservation Service will also take this opportunity to be on hand to discuss
potential assistance programs to private landowners affected by the fires so far this season.
BLM’s resource specialists have been considering specific rehabilitation locations as
well as availability of seed mixes and fencing needs within the perimeter of several different
burned areas. The initial plans also take into consideration the receptiveness of specific areas
to rehabilitation treatment efforts.
“Even though we are still in the height of our fire season, we would really like to
hear from the public at this point in our planning process, so we can incorporate their needs
and ideas into the rehabilitation efforts. Considering the limited amount of resources
available for rehabilitation, it is important that we gather this information early, so we can
best utilize the resources we do have when conducting rehabilitation projects,” said District
Manager Bill Baker.
For more information about the meeting, please contact Heather Tiel at (208) 736-
Falls District Fire and Aviation

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