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Turbo 350

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dose any one have or know were i can download a tubro 350 breakdown. all i can find are ones for the 700R4.
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I looked around and struck out too. Everybody said to just go buy a book on it. I might do that. I've got a TH350 in my '68 Chevelle that could use a rebuild.

ya i guess that will be the choice. i have found a dozen of them for like 10 to 15 dollars so its not a real big hit.
Well thats not a bad deal at all. I wouldnt mind trying to build like a built 700r4 or something. I've run them before but I've always killed them. I like the lower first gear in them.

yea i have heard that they aren't as strong as a 350 or 400. i have always stuck with the 350 and they have all done well except for one. but i think that was due to a poorly done rebuild.
The 700R4's that I had die on me where due to over-heating. With this latest tranny, I spent time setting up the cooling to avoid that and the only problem that I had with it was breaking off the tailshaft. I still might give the 700R4 a try with better cooling but I think I want to build it myself after seeing how cheap the kits are. :deal:

350 book...

damn, ya hadda have a 350...I got books on the 400, the 700R4, the 4L80E, the A4LD, the AXOD.... but no 350.. If ya want, I got a 2WD TH400 tranny sittin here that needs built... it had the clutches toasted, but it would be WAY better in your car than a 350. If ya wanna buy it, I'll sell it as is, or, I'll build it for ya for cheaper than a shop will... way cheaper..
i'll hand it over to ya rebuilt and ready to go for about $400 or we can dicker on price in cash/parts for it as is
That is a hypothetical question. That's unbelievable. How do you plan to do this?

Hypothetical, my A$$!!! I'm trained for this chit! (damm wimmin)!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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