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Need a little imput from our all knowledgable group.
Have a 76 CJ5. 360 V8. T-18 6.32:1 1st gear, Ford. Dana 20 transfer case, 3.15:1 tera-lows. 4.56 gears.
Current crawl ratio 91:1. Looking to go a little lower, and get rid of stiff shifting case. Do mostly rocks. Am geared low enough most of the time. But, at times still have to use the clutch too much.

Option one: Rebuild a Dana 300 with 4:1 tera-low. But, looks like to me that after buying a case, rebuild kit, gears, and heavy duty out put kit. I could have anywhere from $1500-$2000 invested. I would have to have the work done.

Option two: Atlas II with either 3.8:1 or 4.3:1 at about $2200-$2300. But which ratio?

Current crawl ratio 91:1
3.8:1 crawl ratio 110:1
4:1 crawl ratio 115:1
4.3:1 crawl ratio 124:1

Been my experence that everytime a make a gear choice I am afraid to go too low, and later wish that I had.

Any suggestions? :idea:


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good majority of people stay aroung 100:1... with toyotas 98:1 or 108:1. I currently run dual case with lower gears in the rear, down to 224:1, dont always need it but it has put me much more in control and well no clutch slippage anymore.
Long story short, would go as low as you can afford, you can always shift up if too low.


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The one we just got is 5.44,3.01,and1.1. The "B"Box is reshaped to fit between narrow framerails. I do believe that they have a lower gear selection than that.
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