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TrailMaster 6" Lift for the Tacoma- Complete Junk?

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I called up some suppliers on the 6" lift for the Tacoma and they said that it was junk with many returns and long waits for replacement parts. They did not stock any anymore and did not recomend it at all.

Looks like Fabtech is comming out with thier own version in a month or so.

Has anybody else heard this?

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Hey Matt, so I am going to take a wild guess and say that you talked to 4-Wheel Parts Wholesalers. Right. Well the Pro Comp and the Trailmaster lifts are both really proven lifts, if people are having problems they are not many of the members of TTORA. The Trailmaster has one flaw. The second strut that they use is too short, so alls you have to do is replace it with the gabriel replacement strut. Other than that is is a great lift and the Pro Comp is even better. I would like to get just the front part of the Pro Comp if possible. The reason they want to sell the Fagtech is because it is new, unproven, and like $2,000!!! Don't listen to them but thanks for asking... Have to go to work now...
All-right. I'll check into the ProComp deal for ya. :mrgreen:

Now you just wanted the front part of the Pro Comp, right? I could only fine the 4" version. I thought you wanted a 6" lift. Let me know.

Yeah the Pro Comp is only 4" I will add another 2" to that by running the Old Man Emu springs in conjunction with the Pro Comp to total 6+"... Also the Fabtech FTS 205 add-a-leaf if you could....

Thanks Matt :D
OK. I'll check it out and let you know.

Hey Matt any luck with the Pro Comp yet? I will be in Salt Lake this weekend so I am going to go to 4WPW and see what kind of smack they can talk about the lift and see if they know what I want I my own truck more than I do.... Don't you love people who think that they know what you want more than yourself... Ohh ya and can you check on Pro Comp SS braided brake lines for my truck. I need them as well.. Thanks
Give me a call tonight. I've got some info for ya. :D

No one other than a Toyota mechanic has spent more time in or under a taco than you... So why not go solid and quit screwing with the IFS..... I am just wondering. P.S. Keep the last weekend of this month open if you would I may need a few more wrench turners... ITS SWAPPY SWAPPY TIME>
Hey shaw do you want a jeep guys help? :twisted:
Will do Matt. Do you want me to call your home number or the Gate City number? Looking forward to the call!! :D
Hey Shaw.... So it is SWAPPY TIME :D I would love to do a swap myself, but I don't have the money to get all the new steering and convert the oil pan, and have rear springs made and rebuild the axle right now, after Jackie graduates and starts making some money and we get caught up with bills then I will do the swap. Don't worry it will be done, just not now. Although I wish I could cause there is really no sense in putting a lift on to take it off again later, but at least with this lift I do have to torch some of the factory stuff :twisted:
Just call me at home. I am going out to dinner with my wife but I should be home after that.

Yup SWAPPI Time is near I am waiting on FJ80 Tie rods from A.O.R. and the P.O.S. pitman arm from All Poo still, but I should have them by thurs of next week and I will also have the front axle completely rebuilt by then. :lol: :thumb: Then LET THE FAWKING TORCHING BEGIN!!!!!!!! I have no opinion to add about your SkyJacker, Pro Comp dilema other than the custom fab shops seem to think it is ok for the kind of wheeling we do.....
When the time comes let me know I will lend a hand and bring beer. :twisted:
Late Shaw
chaos fab

Hey guys I'm not a toyota driver but I just read an article about a new tacoma lift that has 16 inch travel for toyota IFS The company is chaos fab and I cannot remember the website but I think it is
Thanks Jake. I may check into that. The only thing is is that a lift like that will normally cost just as much as a straight axle swap would... See you Wednesday night man, you working that night....
wednesday or thursday

I either work wednesday or thurday I will check my schedule and find out for sure and get back to you as soon as I know. also we may be able to do something friday night because we are leaving for my tennis trip early saturday morning instead of friday night so we may be able to get together friday after I get out of school.
Sweet, one more night in town.... Heck just skip school and hit the trails with us..... J/K I don't want you to get into trouble....

Hey the only day that I have to work is wednesday so we can definately do something on thursday or friday.
We will see you in a few, Jake
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