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this is a post from isr (a racing forum here in idaho) id like to have more then just the few that would show up for that so anyone else want to meet up heres the info about whats going on . also i will keep a running list of planet members that will be there. thanks in advance.
DECEMBER 16th, 12:00pm

Okay guys, going to get this going, it is a tad bit late but we can get together and make something happen.

We are going to be doing this for the Ronald McDonald House down off of Main Street.

So here is the game plan....

We will Meet up at Lowell Scott Middle School (corner of Eagle and McMillan) Then we will head down Chinden to fairview then to Main St. and finally arraving at the St. Lukes Parking Garage where we will park and take the stuff over to the Ronald McDonald House.

Here is a list of Stuff they are looking for.....anything will help (little or small)

* Fresh fruits and vegetables
* Frozen dinners (entrees) & pizzas
* Frozen meats
* Fresh Dairy items (Milk, Butter, yogurt)
* Hearty soups and stews
* snack food (chips, granola bars, fruit cups, etc.)
* Breakfast Items (breakfast bars, cereal, oatmeal, pop tarts, etc.)
* Baking Ingredients- (sugar, Flour, Eggs, Chocolate Chips, etc.)

* Plastic pillow and mattress covers (Queen)
* Mattress pads (Queen)
* Blankets (Queen)
* Bath towels & wash cloths - white

Kitchen/Cleaning Items
* Bleach
* Disinfectant Spray (Lysol)
* Ziploc freezer bags - gallon or quart size
* Plastic Wrap
* Aluminum Foil
* Dishwasher Soap
* Fabric Softener sheets

Household Items
* Toilet Tissue
* Paper Plates

Guest Amenities/Special Items
* Movie tickets
* Grocery Store gift certificates
* Gas Cards
* Premature infant clothing
* Family Movies on DVD (English and Spanish)
* Blank CDR discs (to record digital photos)
* AA and AAA Batteries

* Gift items for Santa’s Workshop, where families can “shop” for gifts. Ideas include toys, books, games, baby items, gloves, hats, scarves, clothing, items for preteens/teens

* Gift certificates or cards for restaurants near the House, movie tickets, gas, Winco (smaller increments)

* Food items that can be assembled for a take home holiday dinner, such as frozen hams or turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, canned goods, baking supplies, treats, gift certificates to purchase these items

So to recap, we will meet Dec 16th at Lowell Scott Middle school then caravan to the Ronald McDonald House.
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