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tire size for 93 GMC with3"lift

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:?hey i was wondering what size tires i could fit under my 93 GMC with a 3" lift
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probably 35's, doubt you would have to trim any.....
35's if you don't flex it up much and don't mind some rubbin, 33's if your gonna wheel it hard and don't wanna rub or trim some sheet metal.

Fit till ya hit and then trim. Had a freind with a 91 with a 3" body lift 33s were fine 35s hit a little too much for him :rotfl: :rotfl: BTW these were all on stock rims :rotfl: :rotfl:
Yeah, I am all into to trimming the body, or better yet, put the 35's on, and when you bend the fenders, you'll have a damn good reason to cut out that "bent" sheetmetal!!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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