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I read this on the Arizona Virtual Jeep web site. It got my attention, and I thought some of you would enjoy it as well. I couldn't agree more..

I do want to say that ³Supporting our troops² IS NOT a political
Who ever said that is a political statement is wrong. Yes I know I am
biased after 26 proud years of military service. Then as today I don¹t
where you stand on the ³war², but support our folks who are over there.

Yes, its time we changed our image, till then its just shuffle from one
trail clean up to another Government meeting and back to the trail
clean up.
Look at the score board after 20 years. I¹d say we are losing!

I agree 100%.

I went on the first "Support Our Troops" run. When it was originally
posted here, many people felt that "political" runs shouldn't be
posted. So, the trip leader managed to pull it together through
e-mails and phone calls regardless of the controversy on this board. I
only say that it was a huge success. People were actually coming out
restaurants and lining the streets to cheer us as we drove through
Tempe. The reaction to our group was very positive (except for the
band of about 15 protestors we buzzed).

I also went to a clean up at Saguaro Lake and brought a friend with
me. He's a boater. At one point he told me "I used to be out on my
and see all the wheelers on the shoreline and think those were the
who didn't have enough money to afford a boat!" At the end of the day,
definitely had a new respect for wheelers.

Doing runs for good causes helps integrate people into the sport and
readjust their thinking as to what type of people wheel.

>We need more of this instead of more data collection to fight the
other data
>collectors [Sierra Club, etc,
> etc]. Only one major group has ever won those battles, the NRA. They
> won and continued to win for 2 reasons.
> 1. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2nd
> the right to keep and bear arms!
> 2. The data collected, whether by the NRA, or the
> governments has and continues to validate the 2nd Amendment.
> 3. Simple, we win because we are right and continue to be so.
> Having said that. We [off roaders] struggle to keep what little we
have and
> are continually losing ground. Our sport is very near extinction.
> of fact, much closer than you know. Today the Koyota [sp] Treaty
> effect. Every country except the US has signed the treaty. HOWEVER
it has
> been signed, by none other than Owl Hore, excuse me, Al Gore, while
he was
> the VP. The NEXT liberal democrat will ratify that signature and
declare it
> law. Your OHV [motorbike, Jeep, ATV, etc, etc] will not be worth the
> of day. All lands will be closed and managed by the Federal
government by
> the United Nations! Better not vote for Billary Klinton!
> Till that happens we still have a few good years left. But
collecting data
> and one more trail clean-up is not the answer. In fact about all we
> accomplishing is:
> 1. Making ourselves feel good
> 2. Putting lipstick on a pig
> We can attend all the meetings we want and scream bloody murder or
> facts as thick as the NYC fone book. Who listens, who cares and when
> pigs fly? We do, we do and no time soon! And, who is ³we²? Mostly us
> the turd in our back pockets because other than us, no one gives a
flip of
> the finger even.
> But we can change that. And we have a model of how its done. It
> with changing our image. From a bunch of *******, hard drinkin guys
> around in or on OHV¹s and tearing up the ground, fences, shooting
> chopping down trees/cactus and eating spotted owls [well they are
> than chicken]. What if I told you there was a group of folks, that
> around, tearing things up, using and selling drugs, killing, robbing
> passing women around like candy. Men who take what they want by
force, who
> rape for fun. A group of folks so vile that few towns would even
allow them
> to do anything but pass thru, under police escort. A group so
viscous that
> the mere sight of them would cause doors to slam and police to be
> Yet today that same group, rides to the White House and its riders
> Congressmen. Today you can pull up to a 5 star resort and be
welcomed, even
> provided special parking, out front. If you come in a group, not
only will
> they provide special parking, but provide a guard to watch over your
> while you enjoy the premises. Today, women want you, families want
to know
> more and roll down windows to ask questions.
> Yea, it was one hell¹va transition and it happened fast. Yes, its
> Harley Owners Group or HOG. A major contributor to charity,
> Toy¹s for Tot¹s, etc, etc. Now its the rides led by Jay Leno, Lauren
> Hutton, Congressman Ben Knighthorse Campbell, Steve Forbes and most
> other celebrity either behind the handle bars or behind the rider.
> We need to do what they did. Align ourselves with ³goodness², become
> resource to our community, be R E S P E C T E D as Aretha Franklin
> say. Get our name/organization in the news, TV, radio, paper and
> We won¹t do it picking up a beer bottle on upper Raw Deal. We won¹t
do it
> having a get together at the South 40 Cactus in Florence Junction.
> We will do it when 78 Jeeps drive across town on Xmas eve to deliver
> bears to the home for six toed kids. We will do it when 63 Jeeps
drive to
> Chandler for the Civil War Veterans Parade. It won¹t be long and
folks are
> saying ³those Jeep folks are good people, heck I see them down at
the home
> for unwed mothers all the time². Then some day somebody will say,
> Jeep there, what¹s it cost to build one of those?² ³The hell you
say, I
> could buy me a Mar-say-dees Bends for that kind of money!² After a
> the folks will be looking at our rigs and know we are doing
> besides ³shoveling **** in Louisiana² [General George Patton, 1943]
for a
> living. And, like the Harley folks who own something else besides
> Harley, they have nearly $50k+ in, we will be seen in the same
> Then the next time we go to some meeting and drive up there in our
rigs and
> stand up and say ³Hello, I¹m Don and I drive a Jeep², oops, wrong
> Say we go to a land use meeting, then when we stand up, we have more
> just a six pack, we have RESPECT! The land use guy has a kid with
six toes
> and we gave him a stuffed teddy bear and we have been taking his
> daughter for rides in our Jeep. He is also thinking, ³gotta keep
these guys
> happy, hell they spend more money on their Jeep¹s than I make in a
> ³Sierra Club, go take a hike!²
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