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They are trying to close exactly where we wheel! READ NOW!

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There is a meeting tonight about the area we wheel in and I am going to see what they are trying to pull and chip in my two cents, I hope some of you will attend and not just let our backyard get shut down.

See ya there.

Owyhee Initiative Town Hall Meeting

April 20, 2004 7:00 PM
Lindsay Hall, 9th & State Streets, Boise
Sponsored by Sierra Club & Owyhee Canyonlands Coalition
To help Senator Crapo to Protect The Owyhee-Bruneau Canyonlands


The Owyhee-Bruneau Canyonlands region is one of the largest unspoiled and still unprotected stretches of land found within the lower 48 States. For Idahoans, this gem is located in our backyard.

Now, more than ever, we are on the verge of protecting this special place. We must join together to encourage Senator Mike Crapo and other leaders to continue their valiant effort to protect this area from cross-country off-road vehicles and dirtbikes, mining, and other damaging impacts.

Please join the Sierra Club, Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Rivers United and The Wilderness Society on Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church located on the corner of 9th and State Streets in Boise's North End for an Owyhee Town Hall Meeting. Following a short slide show to showcase the region's breathtaking beauty, there will be a discussion of our Owyhee Initiative collaborative campaign, what we stand to gain, and how you can help bring about permanent protection for this wild area. There will also be a Letter-to-the-Editor workshop to give each citizen the tools they need to effectively communicate the importance of protecting the landscape and rivers of the Owyhee-Bruneau Canyonlands.

Together, we can make a difference - Protect The Owyhees!

Wild Lands, Wild Rivers, Wildlife, Wild Idaho!
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Sounds like they are getting people together for an assembly line letter writing to show mass support.

I believe Hitler used the same tactics.

probably why they are called eco-nazi's I'll go and stir the pot in my bronco tonight at their meeting, While sporting my 4x4 club t-shirt. Hell maybee if i'm lucky I can get thrown out :mrgreen:
Be cool man. Nothing bands people together faster then a common enemy. I say go and keep quite and take notes and see what the plan is. Then the same can be done to keep the lands open.

Maybe I should open a lands issue forum? :deal:

That was kind of a waste of time. A bunch of tree huggers sitting around pulling each ohers dicks and telling each other how great they are and how great their plan is. Nothing was REALLY discused. And the have no political power over anything. They were a bunch of self selected cock smokers that claim they "represent" the people. Funny how no one on the "board" represents, atv's, 4 wheelers, sportsmen, rafter's.................. ya know the actuall "people"

I do recomend that we send e-mail or letters to crapo sense he is the one they are trying to pump full of this bullshit.

Well Good. Hopefully they wont get there stuff in a row and become trouble.

Danger man Red flags going up everywhere I spend time on the net reading up on this stuff never underestimate the sierra club or the Idaho Conservation league. The guys you saw may not have been able to do jack but the big wigs in their orginization have literally millions of dollars to pull on I recomend everyone on the board sending a letter to Sen Crapo. Not just the poeple from Idaho. Matt I disagree with you we are the silent majority I am tired of going to stuff like this and not saying much. With my health problems the only way I can go into the backcountry is 4x4s Mike if they have any more meetings please let us know. I will come from IF to Boise to rant and rave at one of their meetings. When self rightous jack asses like this get mobalized they get stuff done. :angryfir: :angryfir: :angryfir: :banghead: Everyone right a letter to Sen Crapo to Gov.Kempthorne. If you would please Matt put up links to their e-mails on the front page. Lets shut this crap down before it gets anywhere :angryfir:
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Don't email them, send actual mail! If someone has the address, post it and get everyone here to actually mail them to let them know there are plenty of people against the idea. Get active and stop the tree-huggers!
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