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TBI wiring

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I have a TBI 350 and the wiring harness and ECU that came out of either an 88 or 89 chevy truck, and I plan on putting this in my CJ project. Problem I have is, How do I tie the wiring harness onto the Jeeps? The wiring harness looks to be the complete engine harness, but they did cut it. I'm not sure, but I think they cut it where it goes into the fuse block. Are there any wiring guru's out there that can lead me in the right direction? Or, does anyone know of a good site that has lots of wiring diagrams so that I can trace each wire and see where it should go and what it should do?
ANY help here would be GREATLY appreciated!
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then, why, I'd be so grateful that I'd pimp you out to them for their help for free!
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Maybe has some info. :deal:

thanks a bunch man... I went there and did some posting and emailing...we'll see what happens now... :thumb:
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