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Tacoma/4-runner hoods?

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Does anyone know if a 2000 4-runner hood will fit my 2000 tacoma?
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Since I don't want to be negative about this, I will say Yes!! :shock: BUT you will have to do some serious modifications to the hood or your truck. But yes it will fit!!! :mrgreen: Either you have to modify the hood and cut the center section of the hood inbetween the headlights back and make it smooth like your tacoma hood or you can do a full out 4-runner swap and take everything from the front doors forward and convert it to a 4-runner. If you put the 4-runner fenders, grille, bumper, headlights, and corner lights on your truck, then the hood will fit. There is actually one guy in TTORA that did this, but he has since left the club and I am not sure of where the pictures are at. But just remember, anything is possible!! :thumb: It just takes modification!!!!! :twisted:
I thought the 4-runner did not have the cut back on the corners of the hood untill 2001. Maybe it was the 99 instead.
Actually, I think that it was '98 when they came out with the sport package and that was the same year that they changed the hood. Not sure about the years except that all the newer good looking hoods, i.e. the ones with the scoops, have to have lots of modification!!! If you are just looking for a scooped hood, check out they make a scooped hood for the tacoma that is bad ass, except that it needs lots of finishing work before it gets painted to make it look really good. Its and idea though. I actually would love to get the hood, just to help cool the motor at low speeds, to give the heat an exit point. Let me know what you think...
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