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Still a small run this weekend?

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I'm raising the gastank up and redoing the rear suspension this week. I might even be done by the weekend for a test drive. I'm still setting up the new fuel injection though. Its been a pain so far. :?

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did you do the conversion from carb to injection??? Or just replacing parts of your injection??
I'm upgrading from a Holley 2D unit to the Commander 4Di unit. You have to build your own fuel maps and set it up to the engine and vehicle. It involves a lot of driving around and tapping on the keys. Its a real pain but when you get done, its sweet. :grin:

That sounds really sweet... Like driving around is really that big of a heart break, :mrgreen: but I do fill you on the tapping part, you will get it down, hopefully before Moab... The biggest pains make the sweetest rewards in the end...
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