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Steep N Deep takes the BLM for a ride

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Well last night after work a few of the Steep N Deep members took the BLM Recrational Officer for a ride up a local trail. He wanted to see what trails we are driving on and get a feel for our club. We are going to be working closely with the BLM to get designated trail open to us and other wheelers for some time to come. With some possibilite of devoloping more hardcore trails. :twisted: Here are a few pic from the excursion. :thumb:

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Nice pics. Good luck with the trails. :thumb: We're fixin to loose a few places down here.
Ahhh Moonlight Mine. :thumb:

Nice pics Pablo...Blane is stoked with us he is coming out with us again, except he will drive this time... I only wish you had a better pic of my front bumper... I sorta modified it today...
Did you get the IRon crosses on? :twisted: :twisted:
Lets try something you ASS CLOWN!!!! This is a secret, defined as a item to be discovered or revealed at a later date.... SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :finger: NO they will be done Monday.... :thumb:
Hey Pig fucker the site is slow and Steve doesn't get on this site. :finger: :finger: I figure I would ask here because you and your yota seem to be to cool to come over and hang out in big jeep land :thumb: You better stop by Monday..... or it will be your asss :angryfir: :angryfir:
The only person I come for is my wife..... and that is usually come take out the trash, come fix this..... get my point????? YOU ASS CLOWN.... You are acting like the guys from an unnamed shop in Moab......
So ahh dude you want to buy my tries??????
UMMMMM not until I sell the ones I have.... 35-15.5 TSL SX's on a 5 spoke 14 inch WIDE RIM.... you remember those???? They are the ones that dont reach the bottom of the washouts in the road because of the width!!!!!! I HAVE IRON CROSSES!!!!!!!! TITTIES is all I have to say...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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