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Spring mud

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Its that time of year again. The mud at the deversion is just right . The ground is still frozen but there is about a foot or so that thaws depending on were you drive, the muds not to deep but its the ruts that getcha. Went out there last sunday and yesterday and had a good time. Gets a little chilly still this time of year. Well, just thought I'd let some of the mud people know. :thumb:
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How long before they start filling it again my blazer is still down but I hope to have it running within a couple of weeks. :rotfl: :rotfl:
I bet when this snow melts, it gets real sloppy. :thumb:

It will usually start filling anywhere from mid april to mid may. The funny thing about it is the people in charge of filling it will start the water one week and then shut it back off the next. As long as the rain comes and goes there will always be some mud to be found. Is the club going to come back out, I remember a sunkin red ford, broken straps, and a new and only dent in my tailgate :( Oh yeah, the top layer is extra sloppy when the snow melts. :thumb:
I think me and Curt and going to try and orginize something out there this year. We've been talking a little about it. There are some in the club who don't like the mud but I will definately be back. :rotfl: :rotfl:
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