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something new for the truck

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I built an instrument cluster for the bronco/truck thing. It's not the greatest but it works :mrgreen:

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what is the material that you used to make it out of. It looks pretty good.
1/8" steel. I wanted aluminum but couldn't get any
damn dave looks good! I started one like that 2 weeks ago but then It started to turn into some real work so I quit :mrgreen:
nice job man.....
The Speedo looks out of place... looks like... abstract art or something... LOL I like! :thumb:
yeah, i ain't up to spending the bucks on an aftermarket speedo, so there we go. I also reused the factory fuel gauge, not sure how to hook it up, but it's there
Dave, do you need any help with hooking up a fuel gauge? If so, I could definitely explain it to ya...
yeah, i could definately use the help. I tried to hook it up about like the way it was on the old cluster but I don't think I did it right
Okay, a wire should run from one terminal on the back of the fuel gauge to a (Hot in ACC) wire. Another wire should run to a terminal on fuel sending unit(float). The remaining terminal should be hooked to a good ground.

Your fuel sending unit is much like a dimmer switch for a light. The more gas in your tank, the more resistance the sending unit will provide for the fuel gauge.

I hope this helps!
Okay, so accessory to one terminal, other terminal goes to fuel tank sending unit, other wire on sending unit goes to ground? I was looking through the schematics in my haynes manual, it shows that it goes through a little box on the back of the instrument cluster. is that not needed?

thanks for the help by the way, this was stumping me
got the engine bay buttoned up:

got the instrument cluster in

and most of the gauges even work :mrgreen:

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yer oil gauge looks ta be a wee bit off kilter there bubs.....
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
it looks good!
it's performance oriented, that way when the needle i straight up I can tell i'm at the right pressure. All the big-time racers do it that way.

That and I was too lazy to fix it :finger:
Silly AJ can't you tell by the pics that Daves truck there is a super performance racing vehicle :thumb: :finger: . Wait until you see the gauge cluster I plan for the Blazer gonna use those 270 sweep gauges all made so straight up is hot straight and normal. Cause the blazer is a pre formance mochine :rotfl: :rotfl:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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