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some test flex shots

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Ok folks,

We decided to take it over to the local ******* flex test truck ramp. Please take into account that the swaybars are still fully attached. We could get more travel if we unhooked them. Here's some teasers, check out the page for more.

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nice :thumb: the build up pics look great also :thumb:
Who's Jim? The guy who posted above you?

I hear ya on the ******* RTI ramp :deal:

Whos that on the left you kick that nate guy to the curb? :rotfl: whistle
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hahaha.. Kick that "nate guy" to the curb.. Nah, no way. He's too good to me. He's the one taking the photos.

That's Kevin Irving. He's a friend. His brother Jeff was with us on the thorn creek run. (barney rubble lookin' guy). He's just there for size comparison.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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