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Some pics of the rear narrowing effort.

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I took some pics with my cruddy camera. This is about the best I can do for now:

You cant see anything here. The blue lines are where I cut. You have to seperate the floor from the side and then cut up the side to relieve the tension so that it can bend in. I didnt cut up all the way. This could be welded back up after the moving is over.

This is the drivers side back. I cut the floor and slipped the outer part under the main floor and just bolted them together to hold it in place. I ended up reconnecting the main supports in the back. The I cut like 7.5 inches out of the support and then notched the center support so that the outer would slip into it. It came in an inch or so. I made some brackets and bolted it back together. Welding would have worked good also. You can see where a tube was ran from the cage to the bolt on brackets for the deceased tailgate. This keeps things nice and rigid.

The top where I cut the roof. When the roof came off, the top of the bed side was mostly disonnected from the piller. I just grinded it out some more to make romm for when it bent in. Trial and error brought it real tight. Then it was capped off with the fancy pants cap.

The other side rear. This was a littel more creative. I actually sandwiched the floor between the gas filler tube and the outside floor after the cut. I used new bolts to gop through the filler tube and then the two layers of floor. I then came up below and trimmed out the excess metal so the gas tube would fit in. Very proud of myself there.

Just a view from the side.

Inside looking forward.

That be my main cat! Yeah.

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(whistles!) wow Matt, that thing is really looking like a SERIOUS machine! It all looks great!
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