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Some over shots of the narrowing

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Based on the amount of questions I have recieved from doing this, I took these pics to help people get a better idea of what I've done.


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I was going to ask if you had any of those :rotfl: :thumb:
If you go this route, let me know and I can save a lot of time for you. :mrgreen:

Hey Sandman,

Please tell.............

I'm planning on narrowing the front soon.
Do you have a pic with the hood up, so I can see where you relocated everything.
Maybe a quick run down of what you did would be great!
My area of concern is the front support with clearance for the radiator and lights.
Do you still have the inner fenders, or did you just use the skins?
This was a huge project for me. I messed it up in a few places but, Oh well.

Here are the main points:

- The inner fenders go away, you cant use them anymore.
- You need to skin the outer fenders to get the needed clearance on the cab.
- I ended up supporting the radiator support with 1/2 rod to hold it in place since the fenders become rather weak.
- I had to go to electric fans as the radiator support leans back and you lose the room to run a mechanical fan.
- You have to trim out the cormers of the cab to clear the fenders.
- You lose the stock hinges so I just skinned out the hood and pinned it on all four corners.
- The heater motor almost touches the outer skin of the fender it comes in so much. That is 9.5" of pull in on each corner.
- The headlights were the hardest. I cut out the headlight area and ended up rebolting it to the core where I wanted it. It was a lot of trial and error.
- I lost like 400 pounds of weight. It is almost 300 pounds lighter overall with the front skinned out, the roof cut off, and a lot of roll cage and body armor added on.

This is a project that you kinda figure out as you go. I worked on it off and on for about 3 months last winter. I could do another Blazer rather quick the second time around but I'm not as its a real pain.

I can take some more pics this weekend for you.

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Thanks for the info Sandman.

Yeah a few pics won't hurt. Particularly inside the engine bay.

I understand the trial and error thing, and had a feeling that had a lot to do with it. I'm looking for a full front clip to do this to, so I can save the CUCV front in case I ever sell the truck.
Did you have to weld anything for this mod? Just asking because I don't have a welder yet, but plenty of friends with one.

man,that looks good...
wont be long & im gonna give it a shot
Its fun but it takes some time. :mrgreen:

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