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Soda Springs Mud Bog

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I heard at the last Mountain Home race that Soda is suppose to have their race this month sometime. Anyone know the dates???
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Are going? I've done that race the last few years but was not planning on it this year. I've got a copy of the rules still somewhere.

Yes, we're going. :thumb: We haven't gone in a few years and wanted to come on over. We heard they are having the Dutch oven feed in the park again on Friday night. I down loaded the rules from the web site.
We were going over the rules last night I down loaded yesterday and we aren't sure they are Soda Springs rules. I know they seem to do their own thing for the rules. Do you have that copy handy that you said you had?
I'll have to look around some, I'm not sure. I remember some of it though. Are you trying to find something out specific? I remember they bumped me up a class becasue I had a 454 in a Blazer. :roll:

The class I'm built for is Mud Modified. The rules I read last night said something about "No special fuels". I wanted to know what they meant by that. Is hi octane fuel "special"? I run C-12 and it was ok the last time I ran there but I know things have changed since I was there last.
So, Blazer's didn't come with big blocks? Well, I guess they won't want me to run in Super Stock with the 540 in the Land Cruiser. :mrgreen:
I think your out of Super. :mrgreen:

When I ran Circle track, we used AV gas and we told them that it was Chevron Supreme. Or we didnt say anything at all.

Thats the class I ran in. I had fun there for a few years but they are biased towards the local people very badly. Frien of mine got DQ'd for jumping the light when he did not. Even Video proof and a crowd of pissed of people did not change anything. A few things along those lines happened and I decided that it was my last.

That sounds like fun, I would come up there, bu I will be in UTAH that weekend... Keep us posted on events like this, were always lookin to experience new things, and traveling to see the country is always nice and relaxing too..

Have fun, be careful and be SAFE!!!
I've run there for the past two years. There rules put me in pro stock with some serious big blocks, so I mainly just go for fun. Like Matt said they seem to favor the locals a little. There rules are a little off, Two years ago they put a late 90's suburban with MT/Rs in the open class because it had a paxton supercharger on it :roll:

I don't have the rules handy but I have some phone numbers of the people who run the event

Carl & Brenda Erickson 1-208-547-4582
Dale & Sue Mason 1-208-547-3911

Good luck, maybe I'll see you there. :thumb: :thumb:
I have been lucky in years past and haven't had any issues other than the latest rules on safety equipment we need for the class we run. So we just keep adding more weight to an already heavy rig (we weigh in at 3700 pounds). I guess I would have to say that adding a Paxton supercharger does give a rig a certain advantage over those without one, but putting it in the open class seems extream. That's a tough one because superchargers aren't allowed in any class but the open class. That's why knowing the rules BEFORE we get there is important. I'd hate to find out that by adding a fiberglass cowling to my hood put me up a class.

Thanks for the phone numbers. We have the Ericksons number someplace too, but it's buried in that special room in the house that looks like a tornado went through it all the time. :mrgreen: I have sent them (Western States Mud Racing Assoc.) an e-mail and called to find out what they mean by "special gas" and still haven't heard anything back. Guess I'll call the Ericksons.

We will be there if nothing breaks at the race in Mountain Home on the 14th. We need more of you folks from over that-a-way to make the drive to play with us. :thumb:
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I just talked with Brenda Erickson on the phone. She said their rules are different than the rules for WSRA. She said they will be mailing out the info the beginning of next week. Dinner is on for Friday the 27th at the park in the center of town. Dinner starts at 6 and goes till the food is gone (about 8).
If my rig wasnt down to get ready for Moab in October, I'd go run in Soda. I have a bunch of in-laws that live there.

No you wouldn't you would be coming to Proidence Canyon with us!!! :finger:
Ain't it grand being popular? :mrgreen:
I sit around lonely in front of the computer all day long. :?


Sandman said:
I sit around lonely in front of the computer all day long. :?

looking at japanese hentai porn, no doubt.. :deal: :deal:
:finger: :finger: :finger:
I've gone a couple of years to thier race they wouldn't downgrade the rules to let my 75 HP sami run in the stock class because it had a header , of course a Chev 350 powered cruiser was running in the stock class. But he was from Soda Their rules are a little funny but it is fun to go down there. If some of my freinds go I will probably go too. Post up here if you are going then we can all meet up and itimidate poeple with , with , well I kind of scary looking if I don't comb my hair. AJ can definately scare all the little kids away and most of those Pocatello guys send all the mothers running away with their little kids :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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