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Well, Ive been throwing the idea around in my head for awhile, and Ive decided I really need a snorkel.

It will give me a chance to get rid of that stinkin oil bath breather, give it a sort of cold air intake, give me a place to route my drivetrain breathers to, and look good too!

Do any of you have links to any write-ups on home-made snorkels?

Ive noticed that alot of the 4x4's Ive seen has used PVC pipe in the snorkel system. But I also hear that PVC pipe becomes brittle after too much UV exposure. Would using some of that new Krylon Fusion paint help provide UV protection?

What size ID tubing/pipe/ducting would I need? Ive got a 4.0 straight-6 and a Rochester 1bbl, so I wouldnt expect it to need a whole lot.

Thanks, yall! :thumb:
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See if you can find some of the grey PVC in the size you need. I think it is supposed to hold up to the sun better. I know they make it in 3/4", but I'm not sure about the bigger sizes.
I really like the idea of a snorkel. I think you would be fine with the PVC pipe. You might have to change it every few years but I dont think its that much to buy. I would try to make it the diameter of the intake plus some size just so you know that there would not be any air restriction.

Were you planning on running it hood high or going up the windshield frame?

Ok here is my $.02 :deal:

material list:
6Ft of 3 in asb pipe
2- 45 degree elbows (3 in)
1- 4in end cap
1-3in soft coupler
1- 8in standard open filter air cleaner(top only)
1- 8in by 6" crock pot :mrgreen:
1- 1in carb spacer
1- 8in by 6in round air filter
1-tube epoxy
12- cans of favorite beer
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First step Drink a beer
next,trace out carb adapter onto bottom of crock pot
drink a beer
draw 3in circle on side
cut out both circles
cut a one inch piece of 3in abs
epoxy the carb adapter to bottom and 1in piece to side and let dry
drink a beer

once it is dry, attach 3in soft coupler to 1 in abs on the crock pot
drink a beer

insert filter,air cleaner top and crock pot lid

I forgot to mention, drill a hole trough the lid of the crock pot for carb stud (too much beer)
drink a beer
bolt to carb
for the top breather, take a 45 degree elbow and suspend and fasten the four inch end cap over one end using stinger tpye screws and spacers(washers)

drink a beer
with the rest of the pipe, plum it in where you want it

finish beer
I think I spent $40 on mine and it works fine. [/img]
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Thanks for the info, guys! And Rock Charger, thats a bunch of crock... literally! :rotfl:

Well, I would have had a pic of my carb and stuff to give yall an idea of the trouble Im facing, but I blew the motor on my S-10 daily driver about 5 hours ago. So no pics tonight. Could get some tomarrow...

Thing is, what ever I put on top of my carburetor will have to be low-pro! Were talking like 2" tops...

The carb is on the passenger side, and I would really like to have the snorkel on the drivers side. Its just the American way, and plus it will allow me to keep a closer watch on it...

Will the extra length in plumbing hurt it? If so, I spose I could do it like those Aussies do it... :roll:
Im sorry for the loss of activity in this topic, but I have reasons.

Last Tuesday, I threw a rod in my little 89 S-10 2.5L. That was my daily driver, and 2.5L's are not all too plentiful.

Wednesday morning, my Patrol was cutting out very badly. Wouldnt go over 35mph. Been working on it all this time trying to figure out what is wrong with it.

Im hauling home a half-complete 88 S-10 4x4 Long-Bed 5-speed halfway through with SBC swap tomarrow morning. Im going to finish the project rather than putting another 2.5L in my 89.

On top of all of this, I have been having trouble loading this website. I tried many many times. I dont know what the problem is, but this is the first its loaded for a whole week! :roll:

I did manage to get some pics of how my air cleaner and carb is set up if yall want a peak... Im still interested in installing a snorkel, but things have just been really crazy, and getting my Patrol running right is top proiority.

Let me know... :thumb:
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I saw the same problems. the host was going through some upgrades and they keep the database on a different server. The way I have the site setup, It needs to access that database for any of the pages to load. It keep coming and going for a few days. :banghead:

No problems here. :grin:
There... its working now...

There are the pics. As you can see, I have like 1-1/2" on top of the carb before something hits the hood crossmember.

That filter housing unbolts, though.

I was thinking about removing the filter housing and mating some PVC pipe up to the underside of that topper and running it out through that notch in the hood on the passenger side, and up the windshield.

It would be nothing at all to put that windshield up when Im going to be fording deep water...

What do yall think?
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