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smokin like a hempfest..

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got a problem with the 350 in this blazer I just spend money i don't have on, lol.. When I start it up, it fires right up, no problems.. but then after a minute or 2, it will start to smoke pretty bad. Also, smoke comes out of the oil filler hole. I don't have a compression guage to do a test, but what I'm thinking here is that it is either bad rings.. or more likely.. I have some bad lifter guides in the heads.. This blazer sat for prolly 5 years before I got ahold of it, so that may be a pretty good guess as to the problem, but no way to be sure without a compression tester, right? any comments on this one guys?
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Sounds like rings to me. The motor warms up and expands and starts burning oil. Sounds like it might be time for a rebuild. The rings allow blowby into the crankcase which then vents through the oil filler hole. That sucks. :banghead:


sucks? nope, that blows.... :razz: :rotfl: :firedevi:
:finger: :rotfl: :rotfl:


lmao!!!! :finger: :finger: :banghead:
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