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I am looking to buy an '87 Subaru Wagon to get around in and save gas in the winter over driving my 1 ton truck.

Its got a ton of miles but it has a new clutch, new readiator, brakes and another engine has been put in (miles unkown). It a 4 door wagon so its not to styling but it does have 4 wheel drive and it is a turbo 5 speed so its pretty fun to drive. Its also loaded. Power everything with an electric sunroof. Digital Dash, AC you name it, it has almost everything.

It does not have a low range and that is a boner deal.

$900 and its all mine. Hase some rattles and the oil pan gasket need to be changed.

Should I do it? Possible 25 to 30 MPG.


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chit 900 bux. Go for it. If it turns out to be a turd you have a new rig for tough truck competition's :thumb:

My little car was only 1,700 and you saw the shape it was in. 76,000 miles when I got it. might look for a little storm or something. if you dont go with the wagon. I get 30+ mpg
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