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S10 conversion

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Hey guys, who knows anything about converting a S10 to solid front axle? I have a D44 out of a blazer I could possibly use... Is it possible to do a straight swap front and rear with blazer 44's?
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CLICKY CLICKY :thumb: :thumb:
The diff. will be on the wrong side unless you swap the t-case.
I was actually thinking about scrapping the T-case and pulling the 4.3 vortech for my CJ5, and then doing a V8 swap into the s10 body..along with either a TH350 or 700R4 tranny and 205 T-case behind it . :beer: :beer: :beer:
Jeep Cherokee (the little ones) will work but thats only a d30 and somehow I see you as being a throttle jockey AJ :rotfl: :thumb:
LMAO! moi? throttle jockey?
:firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi:
well, it looks like a ford bronco rear would work according to that S10 board, but who used a D44 front with pass. side drop that would be narrow enough?
A scout axle should be pretty close to an EB.
What is a scout axle should be pretty close to an EB?
hmmm..... weren't all the scout axles closed knuckle tho?
I do wonder about the later scouts tho, that may be close enough in width for me, cause I can always add fender flares to cover the tires more if they stick out too far... I'm even willing to have a couple of inches sticking out on some 12.5, I think I can get some custom backspacing on those cheapo white spoke rims, can't I?
Use a scout axle or a 74+ Waggy or Cherokee N/T front 44. :thumb:

I thought you would know this! :roll:

Or, of course, you could use a Toyota 8"...
lol... I'm more of a chevy parts guy than a jeep or scout guy.... If I found a yota 8" front axle, I'd rather sell it to someone with an IFS yota than keep it....
Throw a D60 and C14 under that sucka! :twisted:

Those are about the only axles found in a GM I can think of that are worth the trouble... :roll:
IH started using the D44 in 74 or 75 and didnt use a closed knuckle axle since the 60s. If you get a wagoneer axle be sure to get one from a full-time 4wd. The later ones have the axle disconnect.
what I would love to do is find a site that lists the WMS specs for a few dufferent D44's.... kinda like the D60 list that pirate has..
Here's a partial one. Mostly IH stuff.
lol....yeah, that second post helps.. Thanks man! :gay: :gay:
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