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Running a Lexan Windshield?

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Or equivelant (poly, etc).

Anybody tried this? Those windshields, especially on my fat cow that I drive, are pretty heavy. I think it would be a good way to lose some high up weight. The trick is forming it to the needed shape. I was thinking about waiting untill the dead of summer and pulling out the windshield, laying it on a black tarp in the sun and then laying a piece of lexan or whatever and form it to the windshield and cut it to the right shape and then installing it back in using the stock GM windshield gasket.

I'm not worried about scratches and stuff since its a trailor queen now thanks to road rules.

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The lexan we used on my buddies uncles 55 chevy race car was perfectly flat yet after working the bolts into place it contoured to the frame easly. no gasket but you could put a piece of weather strip down first then drill all the holes. may also check out i think it's called speed glass, that petersons used in the jeep they built.
I've heard the problem with that is that when it sits out in sunlight it will turn yellow over time. I imagine different brands or type of material will or wont have this problem but it's something to ask when your researching
That is something to think about.

Although it sits in the garage when not in use. :mrgreen:

I took a look at it and I think its doable. The only real curves are in the bottom corners and they are not too bad. I might start shopping around and see what they prices look like.

Sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea. After working in the glass industry for 5 years, I still can't think of any good reason to go lexan, etc. Your windshield is not that heavy. The small weight savings are not worth the scratches, distortion, leaks, cost, and pita of construction. Well, I take that back, maybe for you they are. I forgot who I was talking to. :? Being a trail only rig, I would just remove the windshield completely.
You are right. If it wasnt a trail rig, I would not even bother. I did consider just pulling the windshield and chopping the windshield frame away but I still wheel in bad weather so I want to keep something there. Also I didnt want to get too carried away with Function over Form. I think thats what happended to Steve at ORD. His Blazer does awsome but it looks like hell. I was willing to trade some performance to still look like a full bodied vehicle, and I think I've gone pretty far with that. About as far as I can go on the cheap I think.

So basically I look for everyway that I can reasonablaly shave off some weight. Since the windshield is up high, how heavy it is makes a bigger difference then something mounted much lower. The windshield itself may not make a huge difference but it can be one thing in many that adds up.

And if it turns out bad, I can just put the glass back in. :mrgreen:

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