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The first shot taken at building a bracket to line up both of the 240 amp alternators in my truck didn't cut it. There's enough binding on the serpentine belt to blow a 200 amp breaker in less than 30 seconds of running (when the A/C is one...with the A/C off the second alternator isn't loaded adequately to care about the binding.) So I've asked the responsible shop to put me back to a single alternator until a new modified bracket can be I can have my truck back. He's done that.

Now - I'm looking for another stock alternator bracket from an '88 - '98 Chevy with a 5.7L and with A/C (dunno if A/C makes a difference, but I'm not taking chances.) Of course, I'm hoping someone has one lying around that they'll part with for minimal cash. Like y'all, I already bury most of my free cash in to truck as it is. I have LOTS of pieces/parts from this truck left over after the if you have the bracket I need and you're in need of something from an '88 - '98 Chevy P/U with a 5.7L...just let me know. We'll come up with something.

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