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Rear Flange Nut - What SIZE is it? ***UPDATED ***

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:banghead: OK, what size is the Rear Flange nut on the NP203 tcase? Does it take a special socket to remove this thing? The problem I have is that my sockets wont fit into the flange enough to see if they will fit (ie the sockets are too THICK)....

So, if you can tell me what size socket I need, I'll go get a thinner walled one....


*** UPDATE 9/25/03 ****
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OK, I finally got the nut off by taking a cold chisel and used it to tap it until it came loose enough to remove by hand...the nut size is 1 and 5/16 size...

I have another question thou: can I grind out the yoke so that my 1 5/16th socket fits inside it or am I asking for vibration problems in doing this?

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