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I have a RC10- T3 2wd truck with all the goodies...

~10 battery packs
~6 motors, including 2 birdman motors (tough to find)
2 controllers, one is a FM controller
parts....lots of, suspension stuff...wheels
2 chargers, one AC/DC, one has discharge cycle

I used to race this thing on an indoor circuit, I have two series trophies from running this thing!

Lots of extras, in fact the thing is pretty much race ready now! Everything has been upgraded on it, ball bearing everything too.

The only thing that I would say it needs a new one of is a body...And ill have to dig through some boxes, I may have an extra new body or it....The one that is one it, is in alright shape, but is cracked.

I have at least $2500 wrapped up into this thing, but it has sat since before we moved from CA. So im cleaning out the garage, and im getting rid of it....but I tested stuff out today and things are working great :)

Best offer or trades at this point.

Im going to need another wheeling rig when zach gets better since I dont have one any more, so an old beater or even a zuk would be a good start to a trade.

Other than that im not even sure what to ask for it at this point. Its fun to play with, but I just dont have time for it these days....

I can get pics if needed.
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