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ranger flex

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I took the ranger 4 wheelin yesterday and I hate to say but I think it flexes better than my dedicated off-road truck.
my front tire dug into the dirt and raised my rear tire off the ground

stuffed the other side pretty good

and for a factory suspension this is just awesome

gotta show off :mrgreen:
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pretty good for a factory rig.... :beer:
Yeah, I remember seeing that on the ramp at the tech inspection. I was impressed how well the rear flexed. :thumb:
Nice pics!
Yeah, Rangers definitely have great rear axle flex, it's just the front that is lacking, especially with the IFS.

A couple older pics, not quite fully flexed out, but not bad either:

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It's a small world..... Dean (Grape Ape) is the talented artist that is responsible for the High Desert Off-Road logo.
Hi Dean!
Good to here from you. We are redoing our web sit to include a link to your site I would recommend you to anyone for art design :thumb:
Thanks guys!
Yeah, I saw a forum for you guys on this board, and was finally able to find your website again. (I lost the link).
Hope you get the site issues worked out.

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