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Public comment needed - USFS draft National OHV Policy

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The Forest Service is announcing its draft proposal for public comment regarding a national approach to govern OHV and other motor vehicle use on national forests and grasslands. The proposed rule would allow the agency to improve how it manages this use by balancing the public's enjoyment of using OHVs with ensuring the best possible care of the land. For more information, visit the USFS website;

This is an opportunity for all of us to be involved with the political process and make sure that our concerns, wants, needs are heard and considered by the government when making decisions on how to manage trails within our national forests. Please take the time to read and critically analyze the proposed rulemaking and please take time to submit your comments. Public comments must be submitted either in writing or by e-mail prior to September 13, 2004.
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Okay, if you're anything like me these draft regulations are like reading a foreign language. That's fine, thankfully we have resources available to help us digest what this proposal actually means and let us know how to respond in terms we understand.

This is a very important rule-making that we as off-road enthusiasts should not overlook. Comment periods are very important. The Blue Ribbon Coalition has just finished an analysis of the proposal and has posted such to their website. All you have to do is read it and if you agree and/or trust in their position, fill out the form letter or send in your own comments if you feel so inclined. Please, please do not be apathetic towards this one.

BRC website can be accessed at

Deadline for public comment is set for September 13th. Get your comments in by then.

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