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Hey guys, help me come up with a name for my CJ5 project!
So far, I've got the jeep, a TBI 350 with camelback heads, a 14 bolt rear, a 203 and a 205 T-cases for a doubler, a ram for hydraulic assist steering, a GM truck steering box, a GM truck tilt column, and a buick car tilt column, whichever will fit best. As you can see, I still have some things to get, but I have a 1 ton Dodge 4x4 with a dump bed and a 1/2 ton chevy 4x4, and a ford taurus for sale that will give me the cash to get the other things I need. I decided to get a front D60, rather than use the closed knuckle D70 that I have, mainly for ease of installation and parts availability, as well as turning radius increase of the open knuckle D60. I'm still trying to decide if I want to use a long leaf spring setup, or a 4 link setup similar to the TJ. I am still looking for a set of Hummer rims to use with the 1 tons, does anyone know what mods I will have to do to make hummer rims work with disk brakes? I should have a couple of TH350 trannys here in a few days, one of these is what I am planning on using with this project, the other one goes to Eric for his Blazer...
Anyhoo. I decided to gather more of the components I need before I start on this, so that it isn't just a pile of parts all winter waiting on the parts that I need. If anyone has any suggestions for me here, they would be greatly appreciated! I have no experience building this sort of project, I only know what I do from lots of reading and talking with those who have done it, so.... anything will be appreciated!
BTW... anyone need another rig? I gots some for sale!

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Hey AJ stop by my house sometime, heres my advice first it will take 4 times the amount of time you think it will also it will take 4 times the amount of money you think it will
You have to go coils in the back I have some coils for you that should work very well in order to get the doubler in there you are going to have to put some wheelbase in that thing To keep things simple put leaves up front that would be cheaper too. I have some mags with some good pics of CJ 5s that are stretched I also know where a CJ 6 body is. To be honost I would cut the back half of the frame off and start building. Trust me these things take alot of man hours I mean alot :banghead: :banghead: But they are fun when done. Oh also screw the hummer rims there are enough 16" and 17" rims and big tires that I think you would be better off money wise to stick with normal rims Anyhow stop by my house :rotfl: :rotfl:
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