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Project W/T conversion has begun!

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I am in the process of converting my 78 Waggie to a W/T and extended wheelbase for a number of reasons... mainly due to the install of the 14FF and Dana60.

I picked up a donor W/T and removed the tubs and flares from the rear... the front fenders are already installed, but here a pic of the glorious job a sawzall can do...

Now after I removed the flares by drilling the 2 MILLION spotwelds... I calculated the placement of the where the flares will be and then accurately measured how far the axle will need to go back. I will be fabbin up new extended rear shackle inversion brackets to do this... piece of cake...

The donor tubs will be modified and installed to 'look' as if the tub was never touched... hopefully this will not be too hard to mesh the two tubs together... the front half of the original tub must stay in tact as it is part of the door jam on the rear doors....

Stay tuned for future episodes!!! :thumb:
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Nowing your quality of fabrication, I know your latest project will come out looking great. :thumb:
Todd, are you just moving your spring hangers back and using the waggy springs?
hahaha... maybe.. maybe not....

I have an extra set of Burb springs I might be using to get more flex to the rear... they are substantially longer and the center pin is 3.5" further back... so I may be using the burb springs and new modified hangers that I have design up already.... we shall see.... time for R&D with the spring swapping and location.... :thumb:
Can't wait to see the results. :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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